Weddings - often thought to be a traditional affair - are increasingly being teched up to the max (Editor: A-tech-ed!). Whilst some gadgets can be actively beneficial, and some social media sites of questionable quality, there is some tech which we think is downright bad, and has no place at your big day!

Here’s our pick of the tech which we think takes things a step too far:

1. You Could Just Give Her A Ring! - Does anyone need (or want) to know where their other half is every second of the day? If you’re that possessive (protective) you can. Using the same kind of technology as Fitbits and iPhone's Find My Friend, Gemporia's Fidelity Ring* takes GPS to the next illogical step. You’ll be able to track every step that your bride takes as she walks down the aisle, or rather as she jumps into a taxi and speeds far away from your creepy and jealous self.


2. Robot ring bearers... - If you're a fan of Artificial Intelligence, maybe for supplementary purposes, then you'll be pleased to see robot ring bearers and wedding officials for hire. On the plus side they could have a shorter waiting list than your local official (and more spontaneity). But the sad reality it that they just aren't quite as awesome in real life as they are in your head. Geeky brides and grooms: be grateful that you have found someone who is willing to say "I do" and leave the toys at home, at least for this one day.


3. Driverless wedding cars - Maybe you want some privacy on what is essentially the world's most expensive taxi ride (Car pool, people!), so this might seem like the option for you. Personally, we think the absence of a driver feels rather eerie. And nothing kills the mood like gripping onto your seat and breaking out in a sweat as you swerve through traffic. But most unnerving of all is the thought of stepping inside on the morning of the Biggest Day of Your Life, and being whisked away to McDonalds the restaurant, rather than MacDonalds the hotel chain...actually, on second thoughts...

4. What's that? You appreciate all of this sound advice but want to see some epic drone fails with a wedding theme? OK then...

Vote for your favourite in the comments section...


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