We use our smartphones for everything - armchair banking, booking holidays, shopping for clothes - it’s a wonder we ever leave the house anymore (except to go on that holiday, of course!).

So when it comes to planning the biggest day of your life, is it possible to do it all now from the small screen in the palm of your hand, and from the comfort of your sofa?

Probably not! But with the right apps you can transform how you organise your wedding and keep the control of your budget (and more of it) firmly in your pocket. Here’s our list of the top mobile apps to kick start your plans and make the day run as smoothly as possible:

1) Wedding Happy - Not sure where to start? Do you need a tailor-made timeline to keep you on track? This go-to wedding app will help you organise almost everything. Manage budgets, set reminders, search for suppliers and keep a checklist of everything you need to get done. Downloading the premium app allows you to share every decision you make with your partner.

2) Slack - Can’t find the picture of that gorgeous wedding dress you sent your bridesmaid months ago? Maybe you emailed a cake design to a supplier and you both deleted it by mistake. Well Slack is a group messaging app that keeps all of your wedding related conversations organised and in one place. Invite your wedding party - your bridesmaids, suppliers or even the groom (!) - and create separate channels you can make private to certain members of the team. Great if you don’t want the groom to see your potential wedding dresses, and ideal to keep from losing all of those fab ideas.

CC image courtesy of Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta “Slack” on Flickr     https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

CC image courtesy of Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta “Slack” on Flickr


3) Get thrifty - Are you keeping a close eye on your finances, or are your notebooks and receipts out of control? If it's the latter, Mint is an app that helps you keep an eye on your spending, so you’ll know if you’re heading scarily close to your budget or if you’ve still got a bit of breathing space to make that last, vital purchase. Mint even notices trends in your buying and gives you suggestions on how to improve - just like your in-laws!

CC image courtesy of Parekh Cards “LET’S TALK WEDDING BUDGETS | UK WEDDING BLOG” on Flickr

CC image courtesy of Parekh Cards “LET’S TALK WEDDING BUDGETS | UK WEDDING BLOG” on Flickr

4) Keep your fitness on track - Has another conversation about table centrepieces got you reaching for the ice-cream tub? Does choosing fonts for the invitations make you want to curl up in bed? You’re keeping on top of your wedding plan but can you say the same for your health plan? People often feel obliged to hit the gym before their wedding to lose weight or tone up. But at Shoot Your Husband we think you look smashing just the way you are. And so does he (among many other reasons, that's why he proposed!) Download MyFitnessPal and you might find yourself heading down the aisle healthier and happier, and with the stamina to dance all night!

5) Sharing is caring - Don’t know how you’re going to keep your guests as organised as you on the day? Does the best man know he has to attend the rehearsal dinner? Keep your loved ones in the loop with appy couple, an app that allows you to share everything from RSVP reminders to key timings on the day.

6) Sitting pretty - Have you thought about the dreaded table plan? This can often leave couples wanting to tear their hair out, with names scribbled and crossed out on disintegrating piece of paper. But with table top planner all of the planning is done online. Simply pop in all of the guests attending into the clean and simple tool, and you can change table configurations effortlessly until you get it just right (or close enough!). Then share them by email to specific people such as the wedding party or venue.

7) Postable - You have over 70 invitations proofread and printed, but haven’t updated your address book since 1998! Is the thought of asking all of your potential wedding guests for their address individually a bit daunting? Postable is a quick and easy way to gather all the addresses you need, with one mass email invite. If and when everyone responds all of the address are there to copy onto the envelope in your neatest handwriting (something else you haven’t done since 1998!), so you can get those invites posted in plenty of time for the big day.

8) Couples retreat - You may have become the wedding planning guru with all of this tech, but your mind suddenly drifts to the honeymoon. What time did you need to be at the airport? And where did you write down the restaurant reservation? What do you do? Download Tripit. The travel planning app takes care of everything from finding the best seats to making sure you’re on time for your flight. Simply send over your confirmation emails to Tripit - which are all stored in one easy to find place - and they’ll keep your itinerary and send you real-time updates.

CC image courtesy of Mehmet Canli “aerial_view_of_heart_shaped_tropical_island-wallpaper-2400x1350” on Flickr

CC image courtesy of Mehmet Canli “aerial_view_of_heart_shaped_tropical_island-wallpaper-2400x1350” on Flickr

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