Picture the scene: a peaceful country estate. Guests, dressed to the nines, chatting over Pimms. A string quartet playing the song from that advert. It’s the standard setting for every extreme sport-inspired GoPro video, right? 
Erm no! But maybe that’s just because we haven’t let our imaginations loose on just what these small, light and durable cameras can do. 
Well strap on your helmets, crank up the Led Zepplin and take a ride with us as we explore the five most creative ways to use these tiny cameras to capture your celebrations.

GoPro at a Wedding: get creative with this dynamic device

GoPro at a Wedding: get creative with this dynamic device

1. Considering it usually takes the groom all of five minutes to get dressed and groomed (even for the smartest occasion) what else is he doing in those hours before the ceremony? Traditionally all of the fuss is centred on the bride on the morning of the wedding, so those lost hours vanish into memory. 

Give the Best Man a GoPro and, in between nervous glances through his speech, he can record some of that behind the scenes action – chatting with the groom about his (naïve) expectations for marriage, watching the ushers fail (repeatedly) to tie their cravats, and catch some of those nervous minutes before the bride’s arrival.

2. Nothing quite beats that feeling, when you’re sat at the top table and looking out as two families and a mixed bag of friends natter away, swapping stories and reminiscing about “How they know the happy couple”.

The only thing better would be being able to take part in each of these conversations, rather than snatching three minutes with each guest as the day flies by. 

Set up a makeshift confessional booth in a quiet corner of the reception and challenge people to share stories, tell you a joke, give you advice or, dare we suggest it, sing you a song!


3. Now, far be it from us to suggest spying on your guests, but there are so many moments you end up missing because you can’t be in a hundred places at once. That is, after all why you hired a videographer, to capture the day from a different perspective. But there are some moments where you might want a bit of...stealth! 

Place your GoPro at the entrance of the wedding reception and capture your guests reaction to all of your hard work. Or position it in the corner, by the DJ and you might get some pretty candid material - your guests dancing like nobody's watching, someone sneaking an extra slice of wedding cake, or maybe even the first kiss that leads to the next wedding! 

How do you know the happy couple? Well...

How do you know the happy couple? Well...

4. Popular wisdom says that, if you’re not careful, the day you have been planning for months (if not years) can fly by in a blur. With social media we’ve become experts at documenting things going on all around us and broadcasting them to the world, but with diaries and journals falling out of fashion we don’t always manage to record how were really thinking and feeling. 
Find yourself five minutes a couple of times throughout the day and escape somewhere quiet to record a little video diary, for your eyes only, to capture just what this days meant to you.

5. Unless you are determined to test your camera’s durability, we’re not sure we’d recommend mixing GoPros and Stag/Hen parties! But a better way to test your new toy before the big day is by doing a DIY video invitation. After all that stress inducing planning and pushing yourself to breaking point, why not take your camera outside, let your hair down, have a little fun and get creative again! 

But in spite of all this potential for some creative (and candid) films, you're going to want an experienced videographer to capture a beautiful and cinematic recording of your big day. So when it's time to call in the professionals, speak to Shoot Your Husband wedding films

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