Facebook. It’s everywhere. It has plans for world domination! You’re probably on it now, distracting yourself from finishing the 100th draft of your table plan. Our trusty social medium is great when we want to share information, but how about when we want a little privacy? We all have at least one friend who is constantly updating their status, and if they're coming to your wedding, there are a few pros and cons to consider about the impact it can have on your big day.


PRO: View your wedding through the eyes of your guests

Without a doubt you will have a professional photographer and a videographer at your wedding. But encouraging your guests to take photos at your wedding is a great way for everyone to feel like they’re contributing to the day on an intimate level. They will be able to capture candid snaps from their viewpoint - table selfies and funny videos -  giving you extra happy memories to look back on. If you have got the time and inclination you could even set your guests some photo challenges...

CON: The unflattering photo

BUT your Aunt Mary has caught you pulling a face at your little cousin. She thinks it’s cute, but quite frankly it doesn’t do your £80 makeup any justice. No one wants that splattered all over Facebook? Being tagged in unflattering posts is a likely possibility, and although you might be able to laugh it off, it isn’t how you want to be seen on your big day.

PRO: Absent friends can feel included

In the event that one of your guests can’t make it, maybe due to ill health or work commitments, it is nice to know they can check in and share a piece of your day on social media. Guests might have posted your first dance up there, or pictures of you cutting the cake. And you could even create a special message halfway through the day and send it to absent parties on the big day.

CC image courtesy of The U.S Army “Wedding Surprise” on Flickr

CC image courtesy of The U.S Army “Wedding Surprise” on Flickr

CON: Seeing that familiar blue glow lighting up the room

Do you remember how much effort you put into those unique favours or quirky signs dotted around your venue that you wanted the guests to notice. If guests are constantly on their phones or updating their statuses you run the risk of them not fully appreciating all of the effort you have put in to make the day special for everyone involved. Now we wouldn't advocate an outright ban on mobile phones, but there needs to be a compromise. Get the DJ to encourage your guests off their phones and onto the dance floor.

PRO: Keep the wedding hype going

Months and months of planning. The big day arrives and before you know it it’s over. That can’t be it? Well thanks to Facebook the day doesn’t have to be over so quickly. Watch your guests post about how much of a great time they had, add new friends made on the day and receive messages of congratulations. Your guests will have taken some great snaps and videos that will fill you with a warm nostalgic glow inside. Update your profile picture with a few sneaky guest snaps - likes and comments will surely follow - and keep the wedding buzz going for a few more days.

CON: Potentially calamitous posts

Despite your best efforts to lay down the law on social media etiquette, there’s always one guest who can’t help themselves. This could be catastrophic on the big day; imagine if the groom caught a glimpse of the bride on his phone before the ceremony! Obviously this is the worst case scenario, but if there's one time you can put your foot down when it comes to social media etiquette, this is it!!

What have we learned?

We all know that social media can be a pain at the best of times, and there's always the potential for an unflattering photo to circumnavigate your social network before you've even said: "I do". But when you're standing opposite your partner, about to marry the man or woman of your dreams, it won't feel like the biggest deal in the world.

Our biggest bug bear is the thought of guests with their heads down during the meal, not living in the moment. Dontcha know that you're statistically more likely to meet your future husband or wife here than almost anywhere else?! Perhaps this is where the bride comes into her own, playing matchmaker. 

Either way, Facebook is here to stay, and perhaps 21st Century brides and groom will have to just embrace it, or find creative ways to make it add to the wedding itself. 


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