Copyright Atlanta Falcons: Media Lounge

Copyright Atlanta Falcons: Media Lounge

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! That time of year where exhausted advertisers suddenly start to panic:

“What if the client doesn’t think this 30-second spot was worth the $1million to make it, and $5million for the airtime?!”


But the CEOs and accountants won’t be stood with their calculators on Monday morning, totalling up just how many extra units their ad help them to shift. The kind of returns they’ll be hoping for will be felt on their social media feeds. Brands want buzz. They want to get attention.


In the 21st century the Super Bowl is watched just as much for the creative commercials and halftime show as it is for the (almost incidental) sport. We’re living in a strange new world, unrecognisable to the Ad Men from the 60s, where customers get excited about adverts. Weeks before the John Lewis Christmas advert is released, the public are hungry with anticipation. And when the film airs, customers actively share this advertising with their friends and family, or gather around a screen to watch it together!


With an endless choice of entertainment and distraction on the internet few people now will patiently sit through a hard sales pitch. To reach these connected consumers your message needs to engage and excite and inspire. It’s no longer enough to rely on a snappy call-to-action, it’s just as important to consider what emotion you are aiming to evoke.


The aim with promotional films now is less about making a quick sale. Now you want to be noticed. You want to cut through the noise. You want to be remembered.


This Monday morning a handful of brands will be a part of the conversation in pubs and offices around the world. But what’s more their adverts will be actively shared among friends, they’ll be rewatched again and again, quoted and parodied. And if they’re lucky this momentum might even last long into next year, when the Super Bowl rolls around again, and people reminisce about their favourite moments from 2017…


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