Not every business has the budget to break into the leagues of X-Factor advertisers, paying £100,000s for 30-seconds of airtime. But with a little creativity and the right marketing strategy you can still achieve incredible results for a relatively modest cost.

If you have ever been sat still in a cinema once the film has finished, and been mesmerised by the endless, scrolling list of names in the credits, then you have briefly peered into the gigantic workings of what goes into making a movie. Hundreds of individual jobs need to all be working in harmony for months before the cameras even start rolling: scriptwriters, location scouts, set designers. And even when the actors arrive, filming can last for weeks, all just for that single two-hour film.

Making corporate promotional videos is filmmaking on a much smaller scale, but the same principles still apply: the finished product you see on screen is often a fraction of the length of the footage that gets recorded, and tiny in comparison to the time spent planning and researching in pre-production and editing in post-production.

"We can bring you quantity as well as quality!"

All of which means that estimating the cost of a corporate film relies on understanding how much time needs to go into planning the shoot before recording starts, and what it will take to craft your message into a polished and effective film in the edit room.

You're business is so much more interesting than an old-fashioned corporate film.

You're business is so much more interesting than an old-fashioned corporate film.

Our aim is not to just turn up and start filming the Managing Director talking about turnover or quoting the mission statement. To make this investment worth your while, we want to learn about how your customers think, and understand the message you're looking to deliver. We want to work with your team and harness our collective skills and experience to make a meaningful and lasting connection with the audience.

Our Unique, Cost Effective Offer...

And after all of that hard work it would seem a shame to end up with just one video (albeit one intelligently crafted and professional video). Which is why we at Second Draft we like to add a little twist into the mix. Our lean and intelligent production methods mean we can often generate several separate, smaller videos from the same shoot, bring you quantity as well as quality

With smart planning we could squeeze in a instructional piece to camera, and short quotes from a longer testimonial can be carefully sliced in the edit suite to give you a handy soundbite from a trusted source.

Rather than posting that same one longer video everywhere, these videos are perfect for social media, hooking in viewers with a teaser quote or a useful tutorial, and directing them to your main website. They can form part of your conference presentation, add colour to your next newsletter or even be used in the next funding or grant application.  

This way you get more for your money and increase the numerous benefits that having digital video brings. 

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So if you are interested in exploring what video could do for your company get in touch! We're happy to tailor our service to whatever suits your needs, and we're always willing to collaborate closely with your team to ensure we reflect what makes your brand unique.

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