Anecdotally, it is clear to see that video is starting to dominate the internet – our Facebook feeds are full of short funny clips and every story on a news site seems to be accompanied by professional or crowdsourced footage.

And the data backs up this instinct. By 2019 Cisco estimates that 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be driven by video. Businesses everywhere want to harness its storytelling power, experience its reach and benefit from video's trustworthiness. 

But why is video content marketing so important? And how can small- and medium-sized enterprises afford it?

Whenever our customers pick up their smartphones and search we want our business to be found. Ideally we want our business to appear on the first or second page of those search results.

The way a search engine decides what makes it to the top is based on their own complex algorithm. And whilst we don't know exactly what their algorithm is made up of, we do know that Video ticks many of the boxes that the algorithm’s searching for; it’s considered high quality content, it’s full of keywords, and it can keep visitors sat on the same page for longer periods of time. All of these are considered valuable factors in ranking pages, and their presence improves your website’s position.

But even if your Search Engine Optimisation is good, and you get to the top of the results, how confident are you that, when a customer clicks on your page, it’s crystal clear how you can solve their problem?

The tech website UNBOUNCE did a study that found that websites with a video on their landing page had 80% more conversions – purchases, or phone calls – than those without. Rather than wading through pages of text looking for answers, a video was there to explain what was on offer as soon as they arrived on the site.

And of course, we need customers to trust that we are the best people for the job. Axonn Research found that seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content about them. We have become a society that is much more comfortable and trusting of life online, but the old adage that People Like to Buy From People still rings true – seeing a real person in a video representing a brand online has a powerful effect.

How can small and medium sized enterprises afford video content marketing?

Here at Second Draft we understand that commissioning a professional video production company to create bespoke films for your business probably seems like it would cost a small fortune. But it doesn't have to. Which is why we developed our unique menu of commercial video content - to offer a wide range of creative ideas and choices to suit every kind of business, and all priced fairly so that every budget can be catered for. 

Video has multiple dimensions and works on a multitude of levels. It’s the next best things to being able to meet your customer or client face to face. Your expression, your emphasis, the tone of the video, how it is styled and scored…all of these things and more elevate it above text on a page.

What makes you proud about your business? What one thing do you really wish you could share with your customer.

We don't want to make bland, impersonal corporate films that don’t take into account who you are as a business. 

We want to help you communicate to your customer the best thing about you and your company; your expertise, your genuine passion and enthusiasm that you bring to projects. We want help put across your friendly, casual and approachable vibe, or assist in projecting your calm, rational professionalism. Above all we want to help convince customers that you can solve their problem.

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