The Brief

North East-based Generator have been in operation since 1991, when they were founded as a music development agency supporting artists as they sought to get signed and turn professional. Over the years this support has expanded out to encompass auxiliary roles within the music industry, and then further still to offer support and guidance to other creative fields.

By 2018 this included Digital Union - a community of businesses in the tech and creative sectors, the Scale-Up programme - a growth accelerator and mentorship scheme, and Digital Bootcamp - an intensive course that aims to bridge the skills gap in the industry.

With such a diverse offering, that had grown organically and with increasing speed, Generator wanted to find a way to reintroduce themselves; both to those who had used their services previously, potential new customers and prospective clients.

Our task was to capture the individuals strands in a way which showcased their distinctive offering, whilst how they all relate to the Generator ethos.


As the primary film for the main organisation we want to engage with a broad spectrum – of funders, investors, stakeholders, LEPs and commissioning organisations, as well as musicians and digital SMEs who will use the services on offer.


Initially it may seem like the two audiences would pull the film in competing directions – one side interested in the professionalism of the organisation, and ability to meet targets and deliver on workshops and projects, with the other wanting empathetic, approachable, unpretentious characters who can relate to the industry and empathise with members.

But at the same time that commissioning organisations want proof that Generator can and do successfully deliver projects as stated, they want to hire people who their service users will find accessible, knowledgable and keyed in to both their aspirations and anxieties.


With this 45 sec film we aimed to both attract new North East-based creative businesses, and consolidate the value to current members, highlighting the large community they are part of.

Being mindful of the tentative nature of early start-ups and freelancers we want to make Digital Union seem approachable, highlighting how the support works for business of varying ages, as well as the collaborative ethos of the organisation.

With this 45 sec film we wanted to reach emerging talent in the music industry - from songwriters to managers - and inform them of the invaluable support available to help them navigate the complexity of turning this passion into a profession.

Succeeding in the industry requires a whole different category of traits and skills compared to the more romantic, passionate desires which drives someone to get into music in the first place. But the last thing any new musician or agent needs to hear is another conservative voice warning of the perils ahead. We want to meet this audience on their level - empathetic, enthusiastic and with a great offer to share with them.

Although the creative industries are growing at twice the speed of the UK economy there is a danger that this momentum could soon hit a ceiling.

As digital companies look to expand, and in doing so take on more staff, they are finding that some candidates are lacking the practice based and industry ready skills to hit the ground running. 

With this film we wanted to give a quick insight into what's on offer, it's deliberately hands-on nature, and signal what kinds of people it would benefit. 


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