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Who We Are

Shoot Your Husband is a colourful, new wedding film company bringing TV experience to recording your unique day. We pride ourselves on creating gorgeous, bespoke videos which reflect your style and character, as well as capturing the warmth and humour of your family and friends.

One of our favourite things about this job is getting to meet so many different kinds of people, hearing their stories and telling a few of our own. We want to get to know our stars, understand your characters, learn what makes you laugh and become aware of how you see yourselves, and how you want to be seen.

We're inspired by artisans and craftspeople, the mavericks and original minds who love to create.  

We're infinitely curious people, influenced by the thousands of hours spent immersed in cinema and documentary, discovering new perspectives and experiences in the world around us.

And we’re naturally enthusiastic storytellers, taking great pleasure in putting our heart and energy into creating bespoke films unique to you. 

There's no other job like this.

We truly love what we do, and we hope you will too... 

What We Do

With us there is only one package that we offer. When you book us we're with you all day! (No one likes to be the first to leave a celebration!)

And with two camera operators we can capture both of you getting ready in the morning, and catch those knowing smiles and glances you send each other throughout the rest of the day.


Typically we deliver two films to our couples - the Highlights Video and The Essentials Video. But as with everything in the wedding we can tailor our service to suit your hearts' desires.

Highlights Video: A beautiful 7-minute film that captures those key moments from champagne at breakfast to letting loose on the dance floor late into the evening.

The Essentials Video: We'll package together a polished film of the ceremony, and ensure that the video of the speeches captures the reactions of your guests. This longer video will have it all.

The price for all of this: £1295


We are more than happy to meet up over a cuppa - to introduce ourselves, get to know you both and answer any questions or requests you might have.

Call Mark: 07927 200 804


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