The three of us know the kinds of 'kitchen gymnastics' you have to perform at lunchtime when everyone is dancing around each other to drop their dinner in the microwave, reach the kettle for their coffee or sneak an ice-cream from the freezer. So what would happen if you challenged three ultra- competitive family members (whose cooking skills range from amateur to awful) to make a main course and dessert from a box of exotic mystery ingredients, all in under an hour, and all crammed into their kitchen at home?

Probably a fair bit of chaos, a few sharp elbows and hopefully not too much sabotage!

Well, Rich and King productions don't do 'probably'.

Which is why they are developing their RTS Award winning pilot into a full blown series and are currently on the hunt for the most colourful and quirkiest families they can find.

And they have asked us at Second Draft to help them develop the show.

So if you'll excuse us, we need to see if the cameras will withstand spillages and splattered food...again!